Smooth Jazz


Fragrance Description

Smooth Jazz, a piece of Southern Paradise in scent. This delicate, fantastic fragrance opens with beat notes of lemon and ginger some time recently giving way to a heart of jasmine and honeysuckle. Clues of violet, powder, and amyris blend with wood notes within the base of this well-rounded botanical scent.

Burn Times

10 oz. Jar: 45-50 hrs
16 oz. Jar: 65-70 hrs
7 oz. Jumbo Wax Melt: 35-40 hrs


We do one thing and we do it to the best of our ability. We hand pour all of our candles, the old fashion way in measurable batches using essential oils and all natural soy wax. Not only does this ensure a high-quality product, but also long-lasting and incredible freshness. Divinely custom blended fragrances join together that invokes a craving to be a part of every space.

The secrets for our success is our proprietary blend of waxes. We have developed these unique blends that ensure the maximum saturation of fragrance. Using this proprietary blend, we have created an assortment of candles that holds more of our exquisite fragrances. The first time you light it or the last, the fragrance permeates your home, office or desired space. That’s the Aroma Flame way!

Candle Care

Upon initial lighting of your candle make sure you have 2-3 hours (for 10 oz candle or greater) available for it to burn. Place your candle on a flat, even, non-flammable surface, away from children, drafts, furniture, ect.

Allow your candle to create a “melt pool” (when wax becomes liquefied) to become about 1/4 inch in depth or more. This is also where the strongest scent throw is released. If you cannot smell the aroma (i.e. 5 oz candle), your candle may be too small for the area.

When relighting your candle, use a wick trimmer to trim your wick 1/4 inch before each usage. If you notice build-up on the top of the wick, known as a mushrooming wick, this occurs when it is affected by draft, an untrimmed wick, or very long burn time.

To put your flame out, always smother your candle with lid (this allows the fragrance to linger in area) or use a candle snuffer to end usage.

NOTE: Dye free soy candles can take on different shades of white, ivory, cream and sometimes yellow, fragrances affect color tone. Soy candles may look frosted; This is normal and it’s a clear indication that you have purchased a 100% ALL NATURAL soy candle.