Aroma Flame Candle, like "Therapy in a Flame"

The Fragrance
of the Month

Transport yourself to a fresh harvest time day with our Fragrance of the Month — Pumpkin Chai Chai. It’s a modern scent that pairs notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, orange, cloves, and dark tea, with vanilla and graham saltine base, and pumpkin. 

Every candle is handmade with lots of love and all natural ingredients.

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At Aroma Flame Candles every candle is hand poured, hand packaged and made with love in Louisiana. Choose from over 50 fragrances to enhance your space with our 100% soy candles. Select one of five candle sizes, including 16 oz jars, 10 oz jars, 5 oz jars, wickless tins, or our candle wax melts.

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